Glass Butterfly

Glass Butterfly

Compleie this butterfly as for the large one, using thinned colors as follows: Brite White on body around butterfly wings and on large spots inside upper wings (see the photo). Fill in the body with Darkest Brown. Use Rosewood shaded with Eggplant for the background areas on the upper and lower wings. For the remaining areas, use Peacock toward the center of the body and shade with Sapphire.
Allow the butterfly to dry.
Step 6 Place each butterfly on a sagger coated with glass separator, making sure each one is centered. Fire the butterflies to cone 016. With the lid propped, fire thirty minutes on low and thirty minutes on medium; close the lid and fire on high to completion. Do not open the kiln until it is completely cold.
Step 7 Paint the antenna of each butterfly with Raven Black nonfiring acrylic stain, then glue a rhinestone to the tip of each one.
Step 8 Turn the small butterfly over and apply 1 coat of gold leaf sizing to the entire back of the piece. Allow the piece to dry until the sizing loses the milky look but is still sticky. Apply Silver leaf over the sizing. Allow the butterfly to dry then use a cotton ball or a soft tissue to remove the excess Silver leaf. Use a soft brush to apply a coat of gloss sealer to the dry leaf.
What You’ll Need:
■ Large butterfly sagger.
■ 4 5″ by 5″ squares of single strength glass.
■ 4 4″ by 4″ squares of single strength glass.
■ Denatured alcohol.
■ Paper towels.
■ Glass cutter.
■ Abrasive stone.
■ Cleaning tool.
■ Applicator bottle with fine metal line tip.
■ Palette.
■ Palette knife.
■ Various brushes.
■ Fine tip marker.
■ Glass colors-Clear, Brite White, Outline Black Gloss Black Orange, Sun Yellow, Darkest Brown, Sap phire, Eggplant, Rosewood, and Peacock
■ 2—5″ pieces of high fire wire.
■ Glass separator.
■ Multipurpose glue.
■ Rawm Black nonfiring acrylic stain
■ Rhinestones.
■ Gold leaf sizing
■ Silver leaf.

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