Fruit Wreath crafts

Fruit Wreath crafts

During Colonial limes, fruit-covered wreaths were often hung on doors to greet guests I as signs of welcome and hospitality. Here is a lovely ceramic wreath covered with a wealth of luscious fruit to adorn your home.
Step 1 Clean the greenware in the usual manner, then fire the piece to cone 04 (1940°F-1060°C).
Step 2 Apply 2 smooth coats of While nonfir-ing opaque stain to the entire piece, allowing each coat to dry thoroughly. Check lor any missed areas by brushing the wreath with antiquing solution; if discolorations appear, dry with T-shirt material or paper towels and reapply the White stain.
Step 3 Tip a bristle brush in blending medium, then pick up some Brown nonfiring translucent stain. Apply this color to a small area, working it into the crevices. While the color is still wet, remove it by wiping the area with T-shirt material. Continue in this way to antique the entire wreath.
Moisten the cloth with antiquing solution and lighten the entire piece, especially the banana, lemon, and peaches.
Step 4 Paint the various fruits with translucent stain as follows: Place a few drops of blending medium and each of the stains in separate spots on a glazed tile or other palette. Lightly tip the brush with medium then into color and swirl the brush on the palette to distribute the color. Brush the color onto the indicated areas, then blot or wipe with a cloth to the desired tone. GRAPES-One bunch, Mint Green; one bunch, Fuchsia, and one bunch, Purple. PEACHES-Rouge with Flesh, then brush on a touch of Magenta for the blush. Blend with the cloth.
LEMONS-Rouge with Yellow. TANGERINE-Orange. BOTTOM APPLE-Rouge center with Yellow. Brush Red around Yellow, then blend with the clodi. TOP APPLE-Rouge center with mixture of Yellow and Green. Use a brush to apply Burgundy, streaking chartreuse area and blot with the cloth. RASPBERRIES & CHERRIES-Maroon.
STRAWBERRIES-Red, dien wipe bottoms till almost white. PEAR AT LEFT-Rouge with Mustard, then use clodi to rouge with Red Brown and dien with Green. PEAR AT RIGHT-Brown, then rouge with Mustard and then with Red Brown. PLUM-Mixture of Purple and a little Black.
PIN EAPPLE-Brown, then rouge with Mustard and then with Green.
BANANA-Rouge with mixture of Yellow and Mustard. Pick up a bit of Green and brush on edges, pulling color slightly into yellow. Blend color with the cloth. Brush Brown on tips and blend into green.
LEAVES-For all leaves including pineapple top, use several shades of green. Or, use Green on one half of the leaves and for the other half, add a bit of Black to darken the color. Apply with a brush, then wipe to your liking.
Pick up some Yellow on the cloth, rubbing on the palette to distribute, then rouge on edges or centers of leaves for added interest.
Step 5 Spray the wreath with 2 light coats of matte sealer.
What You’ll Need;
■ Greenware wreath.
■ Cleaning tools.
■ Various brushes.
■ Glazed lile or other palette.
■ T-shirt material
■ Antiquing solution.
■ Blending medium.
■ White nonfiling opaque stain
■ Nonfiling translucent stains-Brown, Mint Green, Fuchsia, Purple, Flesh, Magenta, Orange, Tangerine, Red, Yellow, Green, Burgundy, Maroon, Mustard, Red Brown, and Black.
■ Matte spray sealer.

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