Crafts teacher

Crafts teacher

Who is a celebrity? We think they are people just like you, involved, interested and interesting. In Celebrity Clips, we introduce teacher, artist and shop owners in the hobby ceramics industry who are making a difference in their own way.
Located in Youngtown, Arizona, the first retirement community in the country, is a ceramic shop, owned and operated by a person with so much enthusiasm about ceramics and life in general, it makes you want to be a part of all the fun. Even though her successful business has tripled in size, it does not stop her from being a great teacher or a friend to all ot her students.
My first involvement was during my daughter’s high school years, only doing a few classes through the years due to family obligations. I again resumed classes in 1988 after my retirement and a move to Arizona. In 1991 1 started my own business. I am Duncan Certified and Hanovia Certified. I have been a member of IADCCT, (International Association of Duncan Certified Ceramic Teachers), for over 5 years and attend most of their educational functions. My specialty is filling the needs of people; whether it be in helping, listening or advising, I will always be there for them.

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